Homemade Tour

Day Three – Brid

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Another slow start but nevertheless the gang busied themselves with sign making and vintage suitcase fixing duties and when we were finally ready to set off we were all in need of a good lunch. We stopped in Leicester to pick up a few supplies for the Landy, more bungees, PVA glue to keep the amazing Homemade Tour sign letters stuck onto the wood, (hats off to Max for a stirling job on that front). We picked up some substatially loaded sandwiches and were off.

The sign

At 60 mph the Landy becomes a bit wobbly especially with everything on the top and the wind blowing us about. But Max was equal to the challenge, the rest of us were seriously worried for the first 20 mins, but we got used to it. Kind of.

On arrival at Brid we did a whilstlestop tour of the places where Dan used to live and got some salient Heptinfacts about the local area. Then we got ourselves some Fish n’ Chips from Busy Bees cafe and scoffed them sitting in the Landy staring at the sea. It was good.

Fish n' Chips

Ye Olde Star Inn was quiet – to begin with – and for sometime it seemed that we were going to play to an audience of one (and he actually became part of the band, so to none infact), gradually our friends turned up and before we knew it, we were having a bloody good time, hollerin, dancin and necking the rum kindly bought by Reg – (ta fella).

Dancing at Ye Olde Star Inn

Skinny Lister

Dancing at Ye Olde Star Inn

Crikey – half past two – a lot of maths and Farenheit man – time for bed ‘it’s only Monday’. A tired Landlord presented an amazing breakfast in the morning. Thank you Mark – those mushies were well tasty.

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  • vinny pops says:

    ta for letting me jam with you guys i had a most wonderful evening ..let me know when you would like to play brid again, i will get on the case…much love to everyone , i cant really remember leaving but i remember the wobbley walk home. must do it again wherever you are… (that means il travel to silly places as long as theres a nice mandolin)

    vinceypops. xvx

  • mule says:

    No worries vinny pops. We loved having you play with us. Hope we can do it again next time we’re up Brid way. Love you mate. Mule x