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From Spokane Main Road to Portland, Oregan

By April 5, 2012No Comments

We woke up on the main road to a knock at the door. Colter was ready to go. We’d slept in. Whoops. It was a stunning drive to Portland. One weird snowy mountain (Mount Hood) in the middle of green canyons and a river.

Limbering up in Oregon

An evening without gigs led us to drink Kracken and we found a cool house bar with a fire outside. Next day we get some stuff sorted – like Mule’s dodgy guitar amp and then we’re ready to go. The venue looks good and is sold out. We chat to various people including Orlo – ‘I’m a baaaad person Lorna, but I’m tryin real hard to be good’.

RV Party!

We sing, we drink we talk rubbish. The venue shuts and then we invite all into the RV. I confess a crush on Preach Freedom (the drummer from Rusted Root). Then it gets hazy. The boys leave to go to a karaoke bar whilst I stay and hang out in the other tour bus.

The Wonder Of You

After this apparently Chris has to come and pick me up, we squeeze in the soundman’s car and I arrive in time for Bohemian Rapsody. I wake up with mud all over me and feel a little shady when I think of what happened in the Rusted Root Tour bus…..hmmm. Sure Larry will fill me in.

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  • matthew nobles says:

    hell of an RV party boys!…..and Lorna. Thanks again for an amazing show and the night of our lives. Hope to see you back in Portland again soon.

  • lindsey mueller says:

    That was a fantastic show and an even better after party! Sorry we trolled your bus picture! 🙂

  • Paul says:

    I’ll be spreading the “diddle” across Portland.. Had a blast w/ you all and thx for the Rum.
    *Skinny Lister* – Music to get drunk to and fight.. 😉 Paul