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Joshua Tree to Phoenix

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After driving around in the dark we find ourselves in Shadowy Hills RV Resort after being promised a deal on the price by Paula. We pitch up and sleep. In the morning me and Dan Hep head to the office to work out our deal only to be greeted by two lizard people that refuse to help. Miserable. Anyway…they eventually agree to ring Paula who gives us a measly 10% off. Swines trapped us!

Amazing Tattoo'd man in Shadowy Hills RV park

On the road again Max and Dan in the cockpit decide not to fill up at the petrol station. Hmm…we’re driving into the Arizona desert on limited fuel and want to make a detour through Joshua Tree National Park… Not too clever. Regardless, we carry on deeper into the park in search of Joshua trees and further away from the petrol station.

Mule gets more than he bargained for as Dan inspects cacti

The point of no return comes and we carry on. We make it to the cactus garden where we all jump out for a quick look. Mule laughs and pretends to sit on one only to find he’s actually got a clump stuck to his bum when he stands up. Everyone laughs…Mule tries to pull it out but it proves harder than he thought. Dan Hep comes to his rescue though lifting his cherry Docs and giving it a swift kick. He promises he was trying to get it off but simply failed. Now Mule really has a cactus in his bum.


Everyone laughs harder…he eventually pulls out the spikes describing it as tough as superglue-like strong Velcro. We can’t stop laughing though. Mule feels like lamping Dan Hep but is probably stopped because of the spines stuck in his hand.

Extraction of needles = incredible pain...

We make it to a Joshua tree and the big rocks, then run back to the RV. We’ve now added an extra hour on to the journey which was already tight…we make it safely to the other side of the park, refuel, then drive past deserted shack after deserted shack till we get to the Bar/Grill for the evening gig.

A Joshua Tree

As usual we have fun. We drink and eat into our fee for that evening.

On stage in Phoenix

Las Vegas tomorrow…what on earth is that going to be like?


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