Operation: Rescue David Wrench

By December 17, 2010No Comments

We woke up this morning to a thick blanket of snow on the ground at Bryn Derwen studios. It was a troubling sight. Our engineer (DW) lives a bus ride away and we were pretty sure there was no way a bus could get anywhere in this kind of weather. Our fears were quickly confirmed after speaking to Wrench on the phone…


Snow cannot stop Skinny Lister however, especially when we have a 4×4 Landrover parked outside equipped with monster truck tyres. Mule leapt into the drivers seat and transported a terrified bunch of Skinnies across a winter wonderland of snow blocked roads and stranded motorists all the way to Bangor town centre. There was many an outlandish move and shrieks were heard from the likes of Max and Tash (now renamed Fantastic Mr Fox in his new winter get up).



Mule was unmoved however and quickly navigated all obstacles successfully before arriving at Wrench’s house without breaking a sweat. We picked him up and travelled back through the blizzard. At one point we had to drive up the wrong carriageway to get past a queue of traffic stuck at the bottom of a hill. There were more screams of terror but brave Mule was determined and made it through as he whooped past many a stranded car. Normally we’d have stopped to help of course but we have an album to make and nothing was going to hold us up. After an hour of the most dangerous conditions any of us have ever witnessed on the roads anywhere in the UK, we arrived back at the studio. It hasn’t stopped snowing since but luckily recording has started once again and Dan is currently putting down the acoustic guitar and vocal to Plough & Orion.

Wrench rescued

We hope it melts by the time we need to go home. But it does look amazing out there for now…

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  • Chris says:

    In the LandRover, would it be safe to say the Skinnies were actually listing?

  • GalvoGalvo says:

    Having experienced mule’s snow driving on many a Scandinavian jaunt in years gone past, I can testify to his skill and verve under such conditions. Drives like a loon mind!

    • mule says:

      Ha. Cheers Galv. I think my driving is exceptional in all weather. It seems most other people have different opinions even though I heroically saved us all today. Bleh. I didn’t see them volunteering when the snow was chucking it down. Outrage.

  • Sandra says:

    Hi Skinnies, I am so glad I read about the rescue exploits, after the event, I may have had the vapours if I had known it was happening. We have the wierdest weather here today, thunder and lightening whilst it was snowing hailstones??? We are staying indoors, no matter what we haven’t got! As if the cricket wasn’t depressing enough, they have cancelled most of the Premier League matches, also an outrage!!!