Summer Sunset or Meatfest?

By September 21, 2010No Comments

This was the festival that marked the end of our industrious festival season. On arrival we were greeted by some seriously diehard and delightful revellers still partying after a long night in beautiful woodland twenty minutes away from the English waterways. Fond memories of our adventures were triggered as we passed over the canal in the beast (Skinnymobile/car). Allan, our good friend from the waterways, was also there to meet us with his companion Toni and her beautiful dog Mr Biggles so the day was a narrowboat reunion. Sadly Mule wasn’t with us on this outing as he was busy celebrating and playing crown green bowls somewhere on the south coast. We played our set on a rickety wooden stage in the woods and got everyone up’n’jigging along to the diddle.

Post gig we partook in an amazing hog roast. Three massive tree trunks stacked with meat and blocks of cheese the size of yer arm. All in all a perfect way to draw the curtains on what has been an amazing summer season.  Autumn and all that it holds lurks in the shadows with plans afoot for a double decker bus tour…. Watch this space.