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SXSW – Day Five

By March 17, 2012One Comment

A slow start to Day 5. Breakfast in – tacos and fish salad. Not conventional but very tasty. A little run through songs not played in a while ready for tomorrow’s marathon 2 hour set at BD Riley’s. We get a lift in the pick-up truck into town. As Usual the boys squabble over who’s going to sit in the back…I ask ya?! Then we get dropped off and straight to artist lounge (hmm…car park) for food as I am ready to eat all 4 of the fellas. All on offer is jello sausage and some sort of parsnip crisp. Pretty disgusting. Off we go unsatisfied into the throng of people to start a busk to round up people for our showcase gig later in the eve. We go down well and we manage to give out a good few beermats – yay. A quick break leads us to meet two wild American girls who I cling to as starting to feel a little lonely amongst all the fellas. They promise to come to our gig and then we’re off again to drum up more support.

Skinny's in the back of Dave's pick up

Before we know it – it’s time to get cracking to the gig which is a 10 inute walk from where we’ve been busking. Skinnies grab all their stuff and haul ass to The Tap Room whilst being constantly accosted by locals and visitors about the size of Dan’s double bass sarcophagus (case).

Dan and the sarcophagus

The gig starts with poor sound but once the mandolin kicks in we’re all relieved and start to go mental. The room is full and ready to go. Arhhhhhh!! It’s crazy fun. Lots of dancing, swigging rum and singing along. BBC America came back for more too! The response is tremendous. Austin certainly seems to like Skinny and Skinny DEFINITELY likes Austin!

Twit pic as tweeted by @Fred_Cred5

The night ends with an hour wait for the night bus and then once on, there’s a crazy drunken young chap from Boston Massachusetts shouting non stop. As if by magic, Dan Gray is passed a giant foam index finger to use when this young gentleman starts on his moustache. Tony offers some fashion advice to an innocent chap sitting next to him which in return shows him a bullet – fortunately he hangs this in the big hole in his ear rather than using it for the main purpose it was created for! Full of relief we exit the bus when it eventually reaches El Rancho – ahh Home Sweet Home!

Lorna x

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  • Sarah Thomas says:

    Big hugs and kisses to all the Skinnies from the Principality – and special big hugs to Lorns – can’t bear to think of the girl feeling lonely amid the males xxxxx