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SXSW – Day Six

By March 18, 2012No Comments

Another day, another blog! Day 6 can be described as marathon day because of the amount we had to do. After getting ready, we head on down to the liquor store in the back of Dave’s truck to get a monster bottle of rum to fill the flagon.

Foxy Flagon filling

We get dropped off near BD Riley’s, which is already pretty busy. We dump our stuff and meet up with a guy from a Detroit radio station for a quick 15 minute interview. Then we rush to the next interview with a TV crew from a German music channel to sing a few songs, after that we have to get on stage and set up – I frantically get the shop together. Then we’re on.

Wow. Great response. Participation is amazing, the crowd are swaying, glasses are raised and there’s a whole lot of love in the room.

The magnificent crowd at BD Riley's

Straight afterwards, we have to follow up the German interview with a six questions, six shot of rum per Skinny session in the busy pub. Each of us are asked a question then all of us have to take a swig from the flagon. Crikey – we’re all pretty drunk after that. But no time to rest as we have to get our stuff out and over to our next gig which is 2 miles out of town. The only way we can transport it is to get it into 2 rick-shaws.

Rickshaw Ride

The poor guys peddled their hearts out and when we got there – we decided to cancel because it was pretty empty. No chance we’re going to end our time on a downer. Apologies are made but one rickshaw refuses to take us back to town. He looks shattered. Poor man. So now there’s a problem – we’re stranded – 5 of us with a couple of guitars and dark matter (the contents of the skinny shop) in suitcases. Not a problem though – a Merc pulls up and a guy steps out of the back seat with a child’s seat. We bundle in and he’s left on the corner, waiting for his friend’s return. The sound system is turned up and off we go. This is my most surreal moment yet. Sat on my brother’s knee with two either side and two in the boot. Weird but fun. We’re dropped off and we head to Mugshots for drinks of rum with a splash of coke and bags of table football.

Skinny vs Skinny Management!

Ooof. Drunk. The group split as Mule heads off to a bar called Barbarella to try and meet the guy from Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Max and Tony head off to other stuff. The rest start to lug gear home. We wait something like an hour and a half for a bus and fall asleep as soon as we’re on. How on earth were we going to carry all the stuff at the other end? The answer is not far from the bus stop – a trolley! Hurrah! A nice easy way home to bed. We survived the marathon. Relief!