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SXSW – Day Three

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Again we awake and again we eat taco’s. Nice. Maybe tomorrow we’ll mix it up though and have a burger… wild. On our return we slope on the couch. Then the door goes and Knock and Rock show up, give us beer and a lot of encouragement as they try to psych us up before knocking on random house doors and ask people if we can come and play music in their house. Dave thinks it’s mad. He says ‘it’s not illegal to shoot people if they are on your property and they’re facing you’. Hmmm. Worried, but after a few swigs of beer we’re set to go and off we go down the road playing music. Turns out to be lots of fun. We enter 3 different houses and receive a warm welcome from each. Can’t wait to see the footage!

After that there is a bit of a blur which probably has something to do with beer being consumed. I do remember getting a lift in Dave’s truck though with Dan Hep in the back with the instruments. We go over an amazing fly-over which shows us Texas at dusk. Lovely, and then we pull over at a Liquor store and buy the biggest God damn bottle of rum I ever did see…yeehaa!

Dan G at Tabooley's

The less said about Tom Tabooley’s the better. We arrive to an empty room that looked a bit like a canteen but without tables. We immediately say that we’re not going to play, especially after we had just driven past the packed Spyder House we had rearranged the gig for from the night before. Dan Hep and Gray run off to see if they can salvage a show there. We all mock them but then start to get positive once they have disappeared for a while (oh and we’re also in the area where Daniel Johnston flogged his first tapes).

Obviously the Terrier (aka Dan Gray) returns saying we have a gig at 9. Great, again. Over we go straight to the bar for a big round of rum and then off we go. Nuts. An amazing gig which ended in some young’un being carried out by an arm and a leg and tashes interlocking. Thank you Mississippi boys. Great again. What follows this becomes a very blurry haze but I remember chilli dogs being consumed, red lipstick marks on men’s cheeks and being the member of an audience of an amazing two sets, first by Bonaparte and then, dirty dog transvestite ChristEEEEEEEn. Bums, willies and boobs. Greater still.

Starving Skinnies scoffing chilli dogs

The night ended (apparently) with a bus journey home and the hottest chips ever eaten. Phew.

Lorna x