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It’s been a crazy ride! Time flies when you’re having fun and we were having so much fun that the tour is over before we knew it.

Needless to say we were Hamburg drunk after an amazing sold out show at Knust. Out with friends and promoters of the show, I have no recollection of getting in though I’m told I was adamant that I was leading everyone the right way when I obviously wasn’t at 7am on the way back to the hotel. With sore heads we headed north to Scandinavia & Finland where we are set to play gigs in towns we’ve never visited before. Whilst drives were long and crowd sizes were smaller, it never felt like the party was any smaller. Everyone that came to the shows gave it their all and we appreciate it very much! A particular highlight was Stockholm. Blimey! WILD AS THE WIND! A lot of people had seen us a Bravalla Festival which we played last year so that was great. Helsinki felt pretty weird leaving the van and flying over to Finland but again definitely worth the trip.

The last leg of the tour saw us in Munich, Vienna, Zurich and Stuttgart.  Sadly, the promoter had to cancel Linz show so we headed for a hotel by a lake somewhere in Bavaria and had a nice dinner and a swim in their pool. The remaining shows were sweaty bouncing mayhem. Having only ever opened for other bands in Zurich it was amazing to see the small room packed to the rafters with beautiful happy faces and Stuttgart, well the audience really gave us an end of tour show when they refused to leave the venue and just continued to sing John Kanaka. We could hardly leave it like that so because there was a sound curfew, we did an unplugged second encore with the crowd drowning us out. AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING.

Now we are heading back to the UK, with big love in our hearts. Lets hope its not too long before we return. We had a blast.

Next up…UK. Get ready. Get tickets here: