Vans Warped Tour – Europe

By November 15, 2013No Comments

It’s another middle of the night flight to Berlin on Thursday. We get up, pack up and set off to the airport weary eyed.

It’s a beautiful day in Berlin. Our hotel is near the the remaining part of the Berlin Wall and some of the group go off to ‘sight see’ after our meetings are done. Slim and Dave see the Holocaust Museum. And its out to dinner in the evening with friends.

skinny berlin wall

We all wonder what Warped Tour Berlin will be like and arrive early to get set up. Its great to see some familiar faces. Lots of heavy bands, lots of men in general and lots of beer. We entertain ourselves looking at pictures of cat owls and a man with a swans head, oh and a pigeon on a train reading an ipad.

The gig is great, circle pits and hollering. The crowd it great and everyone enjoys having run poured all over them. After the gig we hang out and watch lots of bands and get quite drunk, then it’s the night train to Eindhoven in Holland. The bunks are so tight you can’t turn over. Thank goodness we were able to store our equipment in one of the tour buses!

After about 3 hours sleep we pull into Eindhoven and arrive just in time to get on stage and do a sound check before the doors open and the queue piles in.

warped holland crowd

Another great fun set! But there’s no time to hang about. I have to get about 3 trains to Brussels to get a flight home and pick up the Landrover whilst the boys head to Amsterdam for a night on the town before flying to Newcastle.

dam busters

I don’t want to ask what they got up to but they all said they laughed harder than they had laughed for a long time. Good times!