Sitting back here in the UK. The rain is falling and I’m trying to think of how to write up what has been one of the most AMAZING tours yet! Here’s it in brief:

1. Skinny Lister in the Bahamas – Unreal!!!


Shanties in lifts (aka. Skinny Lifter), broken bottles, broken flagons, numerous stage invasions, punk rock karaoke, posh meals, swimming in the sea, snorkeling, amazing friends and amazing bands.

with frank

broken flagon


welcome to nassau

Sun sun sun. As much rum as one can drink, cabin invasions, cabin gigs, blue skies and beach parties. Aaaaannd…two of the best shows we have ever played!

sail away party

It is now a blur but we salute you Flogging Molly for throwing one of the wildest parties Skinny Lister has ever been a part of (and that’s saying something)!

seaFolks – if you want us back there next year please tell these beautiful people again cos we would love to sail again!

ship2. Seven sold out US shows!


Sure, we have sold out a show or two before but night after night, singing to a rampacked room of beautiful people all singing back to us was a very special event and we will forever hold those memories (no matter how drunken they are) in our hearts. Lets do it all again soon!

washing3. The Xtra Mile Recordings’ FAMILY! OK so before this trip we were friends that’s a given but after being in the party bus and enjoying and enduring all that that brought has made Beans on Toast and Will Varley a permanent fixture on Skinny Lister’s Christmas card list. Such talented, fun and…well I’ll stop there before I vomit (not one for sentimentality).

crew assembles


will and chicken4. An extra special thank you goes to THE GENERAL (aka. Jenilea) too forever a reliable head whether it be on the merch table, organizing the schedule or partying with the best or worst of us into the wee hours.

general5. Finally all the hours we spent on our time off in the rehearsal studios working on the new material and then taking these songs to the gigs. Very productive and valuable times and set us off in the right place to get into the studio next week to record our third album. The excitement continues…..

What a team, what a time!

final group shot