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The Enterprise end of tour party

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Skinny on stage at The Enterprise

We jumped in the landrover over two hours behind schedule but safe in the knowledge we had finished the EP and we had fifty working copies to give out at the gig. After a day of last minute mixing and CD burning, it was a huge relief.

I drove with speed down to Greenwich to pick up Dan and Lorna and as I parked up was told by another motorist that the exhaust pipe was hanging off the Landrover. A quick look underneath the beast confirmed my worst fears. It was true. Quickly I jumped below decks and with a bungee from the roof rack, made good the exhaust. I thought the engine was sounding even more monstrous than usual! We loaded up and made for Camden.

We arrived in quick time but still only left ourselves ten minutes for sound check and a few more minutes to dress the stage, tight but doable and at around 19.30, we were just about ready. Doors were at 8. We all tucked into some pittas, hummus and crisps laid on by the venue, and then it was time.

We had arranged a special treat as our warm up act. Miss Apple Tart, a burlesque dancer who we met back at Festibelly took the stage and did her thing much to the excitement of all.

Then we got on stage and exploded with a weeks worth of pent up aggresion, hangover and booze all coming out at the same time. It was glorious and we had an amazing time. The crowd sang and danced with us and Lorna jumped on and off stage about thirty times whipping them up like some kind of folky whirling devil.

Lorna in full flow

The flagon did the rounds full of 4 bottles of the finest rum. After a quick on stage demo of correct flagon drinking technique everyone was keen to give it a go…

Jo exhibits perfect flagon drinking technique

After John Kanaka was sung for the second time, corwd and band were both spent and it was time to get downstairs for more booze and a less sweaty atmosphere. Much drinking ensued which was quite impressive for a Monday night. I got many text yesterday accusing me of corrupting people on a school night…. Mwa hahaha ahaa! That’s how the Skinnies roll.

Lorna holds hands with the crowd

I can’t believe its all over for the homemade tour. It has been an amazing ten days or so. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the http://skinnylister.com/skinnybloghttp://skinnylister.coms, there will be plenty more of course. We’d like to thank eveyone who have come down to see us and for making us feel so welcome wherever we’ve stopped. What a fantastic way to end the tour.

To rai aaaaaaaye!

If you missed us on Monday, we’re playing Bullet Bar up Kentish Town way tonight (free entry), then two gigs on Sunday – Master Shipright’s Revelry in Deptford and Folk Newington. More info for these on the live dates page/FB.

Mule blasting