Fuji Rocks!

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Fuji Rock!!!

Jet lag wakes us up early in our hotel in Tokyo. We have a three hour journey to the festival. Larry listens to Black Sabbath, Max continues his German online lessons and Michael watches Roger Rabbit. The rest of us sleep. Rock’n’roll. Once checked in the rain falls. It falls and falls! But fortunately it stops in time for us to play the warm up party. I am very nervous (well I always am – but in a big way today as its a first time in a new country). I imagine 50 people in a big marquee.

On the way to the show there are some hula girls dancing in the lobby. Their show got cancelled because of the rain so I decide to invite them on stage with us for ‘Forty Pound Wedding’. They gladly agree but I don’t know whether they’ll show or not.

At the hotel we meet up with our Jananese label – Uncle Owen. I’m presented with Rum. Perfect. We head over to the Red Marquee, a 5000 capacity tent. There’s massive beats pumping from the stage and huge cheers. No need to worry about lonely echoes of my voice! Now I’m excited! We drink beer and make a sign to advertise our acoustic gig we’re playing 30 mins after this show has ended. Jet lag forgotten we step out onto the stage. The roar is immense. After having our picture taken in front of the crowd we begin.

It’s amazing. During ‘Colours’ the crowd sit down then get up again kind of like a Mexican wave. It’s full and lots of people are singing along and those who don’t know the words look like they’re learning them fast. Incredible.

After the show we head to the acoustic stage. Plug in and off we go again. Another great crowd.

Can’t remember too much at this point other than it was a LOT of fun. Afterwards we do a signing, meet up with a friend and have a small party back in the hotel room.

Waking up this morning was hard work!