Arriving in Japan!

By July 25, 2013No Comments

The thrill of stepping into a new territory is always amazing but especially when it’s a country that seems so far removed from your own and also one you’ve always wanted to go to. Japan. Japaaaaaaaan!!! Us Skinnies are so excited to be here even if you can’t tell by the jet lagged faces.

FujiRock festival sounds exotic and glamourous. The first welcoming face we see pulling into our hotel belongs to Larry. A beloved friend who we met on our first ever visit to America and who has very kindly offered to come and look after us in Japan (for those of you who are long term readers of the blog, you may remember pictures of Larry sticking his head in a firework on our last gig of the Rusted Root Tour – yep – crazy mother….). We buy sushi from the basement market and take a walk around the local park. Uh oh…there’s going to be a lot of photo opportunities this week!

Next is a ‘quick’ trip to Tower Records where we play a guerrilla show and then head to the Irish bar for some beer and tunes.

Afterwards we have the best Japanese meal we’ve ever had including chicken gizzards, cartilage, tripe and more appealing dishes such as blowtorched sardine and sashimi. Yum.

We are so excited to be here, thank you to Sota our accommodating host from Uncle Owen Records and to Fuji Rock for having us. This week is going to be fun!