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Happy new year!

By January 6, 20143 Comments

Ahoy there fellow Skinnies! Happy New Year and all that to you! Thought I’d give you all our best and have a quick reflection on what a truly amazing year it has been for us (sorry its taken a while – just found it difficult to pull myself away from the leftover mince pies and sherry)!

Seeing the year out by playing two amazing support gigs with the Levellers and then our own sold out London show left us with one almighty hangover that didn’t seem to disappear until this very morning. Wow!


Given that we started this band to get into our favourite festivals for free it’s amazing how far we’ve come. Being invited to play at the infamous NPR Tiny Desk Session, supporting Flogging Molly on an amazing tour of the East Coast of the States, opening up the main stage at Coachella in California (a ridiculous pleasure), flying over to the Japanese mountains to play in front of thousands at Fuji Rock (unbelievable), and loads of other more familiar and yet heart warming happenings back here in the UK, for example playing the Big Top at Bestival, and entering more European countries such as Holland and Spain. Oh and lets not forget our magical town of Haldern where we played to a sold out bar, with people watching from outside in the snow. I think it’s safe to say that Skinny has gone ‘international’. Plus, we’re fresh out of The Legendary Rockfield studio and awaiting first mixes of our second album – due out in Spring…

We also welcomed our latest addition Dave Neale on drums – which has taken our sound into another dimension.

dave hoxton

We’re well and truly equipped with everyone on board to conquer the world in 2014!!

Max Thomas, Daniel Heptinstall, Michael Camino, Slim and Dave Neale – are you ready
?! The rest of you…are you ready?!!!

Well here we come!

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  • MT Schmidt says:

    Happy New Year to you Skinnies as well! I have witnessed from afar (very afar) your new and well deserved success! Also the SXSW in Austin!
    I have my ticket to see you with Drop Kick Murphies on Feb 24th! I cannot believe I will be seeing you all in over a month! I hope to have a dance with you Lorna and several drinks with the whole band! I am a HUGE fan as you all know.
    Without sounded a bit crazed ha ha ha- trust me I am in check. ha ha ha- I just love your sound- your stage presence- your fun drunken energy! I know you all will go very far- I mean look what happened in one year? AND a new album in the spring with a such a great producer and a great recording studio. Now a drummer. wow.
    So cheers to you all Skinny Lister!
    Look for a very loud wild Italian woman in the front on Feb 24th!!

  • Dave Pollick says:

    Looking forward to the new album! Your music crosses all lines (age, gender, genre) and hooks everyone. You blew us away with Flogging Molly in Myrtle Beach and we then chased you down to the North Star in Philly. If you get near York, Pennsylvania, I have an in with the local restored theater, The Strand, where I know we could pack the place (and we could have a beer and bit of Redbreast!). I will try and track you all down when you hit the states. Best wishes and keep it coming!

  • Sam Carey says:

    Loved seeing you at Beat Herder and the Manchester Academy last year. Can’t wait to buy the new album and dance my knickers off to the live version sometime this year…maybe several times if I’m lucky!

    Good luck with it all…2014 has gotta be the year you make it big!!!

    I’m watching this space along with all your fans in the Lakes!

    Keep us posted

    Sam xxx