Next few days at Rockfield!

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I’m trying to cast my mind back to events over the past couple of days. It’s becoming more difficult as each day becomes much like the last but what I do know is we’re working hard and feeling like time is slipping away. Dave returned to Brighton a couple of days ago and Slim has just returned after having got his visa for India sorted for his Christmas holiday.

I’m frantically trying to become 100% confident with parts and harmonies so that I’m ready for recording. Max’s new accordion in the key of C has finally arrived so that he can play along with more of my ballads, which is definitely exciting for me! Big thanks to the Birmingham Accordion Centre for getting this tuned up in double quick time. I can’t wait to hear some of my songs on the accordion. Get practicing Max!!

new accordion

Cabin fever is taking hold of some of us too. Max and I managed to escape one evening to the very ‘local’ pub The Green Dragon. It was great fun and only there for an hour but managed to meet a character a bit like Dirty Den but more silent and drank visibly more, mimed to about how to cook a bean and bacon omelette by one chap with no teeth and asked to have sex with his wife (who also has few teeth) and watch some one else off their face mop up a pint that they’d spilt. I also learned about the over 55’s club which sounds more like its for over 85’s as a lady called Grace recently out of hospital after a hip operation was out dancing with her zimmer until 11 o’clock having to ask her career to come and pick her up later. Good fun. We’re planning a night out there on Friday God permitting that we’ve caught up with our schedule.

Town is amazingly Christmassy and an early morning run through the fields to the town was beautiful and well rewarded with possibly the best fish pie and Bakewell tart courtesy of Becky, EVER!


Yesterday we also picked up Holly, our penny whistle player that played on the first album. She did wonders on some of our new tracks. Good on you Holly! Thank you!


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