New Jersey & New York, New York!

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We’re up early and off to Sayreville. its a long drive but these are slowly dwindling down and we’re getting towards the final leg! Sayreville seems pretty warm when we roll into a car park which seems to be in the middle of nowhere.


We have a couple of interviews and a stock check but all is good. Despite a very quick sound check we go out and hammer the gig. The night turns into a good’un. People buy me fireballs and buy shirts galore. Success!

Another long drive sees us into Huntington, Long Island. Tonight we’re joined by the Irish band The Mighty Steph who are great guys. We play and all is fun! It’s another day off the next day and so we’re heading to stay in an air b’n’b in Williamsburg, NYC. It’d be rude not to! We arrive to our 6 bed studio flat (shock horror!). It’s just one room that the lads can’t even stand up in with the smallest ‘kitchen’ you have ever seen!


We laugh ourselves to sleep, pretty much on top of each other. Slim and I wake up at the crack of dawn to move the van. In last nights clothes and hangovers we must look a right state as we park the van at a pay and display for half hour. We can’t find anywhere else to park so we eat some great eggs and hash browns, drive around for another 50 minutes before heading back to flat. Ugh! Straight back to bed before everyone else gets up!  It’s not long though and I think fook it, may as well get up for the day, we get bagels, go vintage clothes shopping before heading down town Manhatten for some tourist action.


We go to the dazzling lights of Town Square straight into the calm quiet Central Park.

times sq

Then we have a cup of tea with cake before I take the boys to the barbers to get their hair smartened up. Funny.

hair cut

We head back to the flat to get a quick rest before heading out into Williamsburg to meet old friends. First we meet Liam, an old school friend of mine for some very tasty spicy Thai food before heading to the bar Skinny Dennis where we’re meeting up with Maura from Rusted Root tour times, Ryan, Rosco’s brother and Forest Woodward the amazing photographer who took some great shots of us last year.

nyc gang

Michael’s friend Diana arrives and Dave returns from meeting an old school mate and we head to a punk rock bar down the road. Drink until the wee hours and create almighty hangovers before the party begins in Boston. Bring it on!