Travels, tricks & tattoos..!

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It’s great to be back in Charlotte where magical things can happen! We’re all feeling a little tired, Max’s face and instrument had taken a battering and our flagon had fallen out of the trailer a second time and smashed to bits beyond repair. BAD TIMES!!! However, we’re in Charlotte so only good things can happen! Behold Erick who we met on the Flogging Molly Green 17 tour last year kindly brought us an AMAZING flagon!!! It’s a beauty! Thank you Erick!

new flagon

The gig is saved and we’re all happy and good and full of rum. Dave is excited to get a tattoo off of that badass artist Oliver Peck after the show and we all head to watch the magic happen in Oliver’s amazingly cool RV..


tat close

Next stop is Pittsburgh, hometown of the almighty Larry who looked after us in Japan! It’s great to be reunited! We have a new load of T-shirts to sell and do well at selling them (with the help of Matt, Larry’s son – thanks Matt)!

Next day is a well deserved day off and we wake up in the most amazing flat I may well have ever stayed in courtesy of Justin from the band Anti Flag who we met whilst at Warped Tour. It’s out in the woods and I shower looking out of a huge window as deer gaze in from just meters away! I felt like Tess of the Derbevilles!

Once we’d eaten the delicious chilli made by Larry’s wife Pat for breakfast, Justin from Anti Flag’s brother, Joe, introduces himself as an awesome magician and he most certainly is! We’re all dumbfounded and left with a magic card to remember. He then says he has some snakes we can hold and I get excited!

justin place

Yippee…another chance to feel like Tess (sort of)! After that we head into Pittsburgh downtown to meet Larry and see the incline (an old lift, kind of like a funicular).


After that we head to a dive bar for one of the best burgers and a pint or two before heading back to Justin’s pad and having a film and pizza. A brilliant day!