Here we are! Austin. Texas. SXSW. After a long trip on a plane from the 1970’s with communal TVs that had squiggly receptions, sarky air hostesses and a lack of any decent food, we are relieved to arrive, albeit with a case of the delirium giggles. We are once again ready to get knee deep in music. Sure, some of us might be suffering from a bad case of man flu (Ahem, Dan), but we are excited to once more be playing our hearts out in America. We were greeted by the amazing Mr. Dave Dale and after a quick catch up, he shipped us to his pad, the World Famous Berkman House.
Yesterday, in true Skinny fashion, we sacked off sleep and rocked our way to Driftwood, a little town outside Austin and played a show for the wonderful people at Beats Delicious. They’re a fantastic organization that pairs indie bands with indie chefs in specially curated and intimate concert settings. If you get a chance, check them out! It was a great way to start a hectic week…lounging in sun chairs in a nice pad with gin and juice…endless gin and juice!
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After the show, you’d think we’d come back to our accommodations and get a little nap in. But nope. On to the next show. We headed to the British Music Embassy at Latitude for yet another lesson in partying and delirium. The show was amazing. A full house and a full bar. Thanks for having us UKTI. We saw some old friends and met some new ones. Not bad for the first day at SXSW! We laugh in the face of jetlag!
After the show we wandered around Downtown like zombies totally forgetting where everything is and where we need to go. However, a very nice Austin local pointed us in a direction we liked the look of and before we knew it, we were home with a beer in hand and the thought of sweet sleep drifting through our tired heads.
See you tomorrow Austin! Zzzzzzz….

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