We are very proud and excited to release our 3rd album The Devil, The Heart & The Fight. Yes people, it’s out NOW. Just click your preferred buying method below and it will take you directly to the album:

Xtra Mile Recordings


Banquet Records



Oh and here are a couple of videos for you to watch too:

Lorna: ‘Making the Devil In Me video was probably one of the most fun videos to make yet. Coming up with the idea was easy. As soon as I saw the sledge hammer in my friend’s yard I knew it would be perfect for such a dark song. Number one on my bucket list is ‘To smash a car windscreen’ and it’s great that I got to do it in the name of art! The second on the list is to ‘Milk a cow’ but I guess any farmer that sees this video won’t let me anywhere near their cows now!’

Don’t forget we’re spreading the love too. Full list of tour dates here

Make sure you get your tickets. See you there! x