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So everyone thinks we’re mad travelling 8 hours all the way to Zurich only to turn around and travel back another 8 hours to Cologne which is only 30km away from Dusseldorf….we start to think we might be too. Waking up early after a night on the rum and vodka is no mean feat. I am radged! I crawl out of bed via the breakfast bar and lay down in the truck to get some more sleep.

Rote Fabrik Venue

Hours pass by, there’s chord interval training, German speaking lessons and lots of staring into space. Eventually we cross the border into Switzerland nervous that we’re an hour late for the infamously impeccable Swiss. Turns out we need not worry at all. A great bunch of people and a great venue (where coincidently dan has played before). It is a group of warehouses all graffitied up on Zurich lake. It looks beautiful. We are served with beautiful food Havana Rum, beer and anything else we desire. The sound and lighting is high spec though after having a chat with the promoter it turns out he’s not expecting a lot. He booked us on a recommendation from Stefan, the organiser of Haldern Pop festival. Let’s hope he’s not disappointed!

Max samples the cough syrup

After a telephone interview with press from Detroit we sit down only to be offered weed from a lovely guy…we all refuse already feeling zonked from an 8 hour drive. He says he’ll return later with a vintage bottle of cough medicine ????? He did too and for the rest of the evening our backstage area smelt like a dental clinic.
At twenty-five past nine I poke my head out. The venue continues to look very quiet so we wait until ten. We take to the stage in front of an empty dance floor and everyone seated behind the desk in the restaurant area. We start though and as ever give it our all and third song in we have everyone or there abouts on the dance floor, clapping and dancing and more importantly swigging from the jug.

Lorna inspects the men's

It turns out to be bloody good fun and despite the fact we sold out of CDs yesterday (don’t worry – more arriving for Cologne) we’re busy on the shop. All is very very VERY good. Zurich – you were well worth the trek. We would very much like to make it again, maybe in warmer climes so that we can swim in the lake….

Camino finds a stowaway!