‘German Escape Tour’ ..Part 3..

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Erfurt and Weinheim

The next two towns are completely unknown to us. We’re not sure what to expect but people tell us they are beautiful towns.

Unfortunately the weather is not great. It ceases to rain most of the time unless we have a boredom break, when the sun will shine so that we forget to fix the squeaky windscreen wiper only be reminded too late when back on the autobahn. Arghhhh! The van so far has got us where we need to be but some things are a little precarious; doors refuse to shut, the heating only comes on when it wants, there’s some sort of leak and then there’s the back door with no stopper so if caught off guard will swing into another closely parked car…oh we’ll! It really is getting us through the zigzagging we’re doing!

Erfurt looks amazing, it’s a cellar bar and the guy cooks up some great food. The hostel is close and good apart from the strange man who is lingering in the hall way constantly. Why?!

The gig is fun and the crowd less shy than is apparently normal. I finish off the set to ‘Lets get wasted’ by standing on the bass only to find when I go to jump off my heel has penetrated the bass! So sorry Michael!!!

Whilst on the road we’re trying to work on new music. It’s tricky but we fit in a bit of a play here and there. The rain never ceases to fall as we head to our hotel, which is very nice with amazing views of old houses – just how I imagined Germany to look.

The venue looks great, another great spread on the table and we find our mates Larry and his Flask had been there days before…we’ll get em one day!

After the gig we met with Florian and Claus who offer to do a photo session in the morning. Nice guys, how can we refuse?! So it’s up early, drink lots of coffee and set off to their offices. Industrial looking outside and amazing clean white warehouse work spaces inside. Photos look good at first glance. Can’t wait to show you some finished articles! Here’s Claus’ website www.clausmorgenstern.com. Thanks for the print too Claus! Really nice!

Tonight is Dresden. It’s Friday night and we have an apartment at the venue. It’s going to be a fun night I think!